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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I fill out an application?

  • We are happy to say that we do not use an application process with fees.
  • Because we deal with so many first time renters who have no rental history, we prefer to rent by intuition and find groups who would be a good fit for our property.
  • We just ask that you set up a showing as soon as possible so that we can meet your group!

How much is the deposit?

  • The deposit is $1 month’s rent. That is much less than the local Boulder standard of 2 months rent equivalent.
  • We prefer the deposit be paid by check at the time of lease signing. The check can be post dated a week or so if need be. If the tenant does not have a check book, the parents can send a deposit check directly to us within the week of lease signing.

What is August rent in advance?

  • Instead of following the local Boulder standard of collecting the first and last months rent in advance, which is 2 months of rent in advance, we ask that you pay only 1 months rent in advance.
  • This rent covers August rent, which is roughly the first and last 2 weeks of the lease.
  • We ask that you pay the August rent in advance about a month or so after you sign the lease.
  • Once you pre-pay, then you move in mid-August without paying rent until September 1. You then pay on the 1st of each month through July 1st. At the end of the lease, you dont pay anything on August 1st because you have already pre-paid.

Are utilities included?

  • No, residents pay their own electric/gas through Xcel Energy, and their own cable/internet bill through a provider of resident’s choice.
  • We also provide a service where we take on all the small bills and then ask the tenants to pay a flat $75/ person fixed utility fee. This covers water, sewer, basic trash service, snow removal and once weekly yard pick ups.

Where can I park?

  • Parking is available on the street but is generally difficult to find because of commuters who take up all the on street parking.
  • We have a limited number of private, reserved garage parking spaces that are for monthly rent. The rates are outlined in the lease.
  • We ask that if a person rents a parking spot, that they commit to the rental until the end of the lease.
  • We take parking space rental requests in July, about a month before the lease starts.

Do parents have to sign the lease?

  • No. Also, we do not ask for parental guarantees. We like working directly with our tenants on all issues and forging a year long team approach with their group.7